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Our dental clinic is pledged to offering our patients with extraordinary service forever. We are aware that going to the dentist can be scary for some people, so we endeavor to provide a welcoming environment where you’ll experience comfortable and relaxed. Like this, your visit will be as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Aesthetix Dental Care in Adajan presents a detailed standard of care from adept dentists, to guarantee that every patient will have the best treatment available together with ongoing support throughout their journey in order to achieve better oral health results. Our veteran team offers a vast range of treatments, including general dentistry services such as check-ups, teeth cleaning, and periodontal gum disease treatment – as well as cosmetic dentistry such as tooth whitening, veneers, and complex treatments like dental implants & Invisalign – all provided by expert professionals who have been trained to deliver desire results.

Our Dental Services

Cosmetic Dentistry

Pretty smiles are made through cosmetic dentistry, which is both science and art. It’s a brilliant choice for anyone who needs to improve their appearance and confidence. You can pick from various cosmetic dentistry treatments to acquire your desired outcomes, from teeth whitening to crowns and smile makeovers. Your smile is one of the initial things people observes about you; So, create a good impression every time by taking support of Aesthetix Dental care.

General Dentistry

At Aesthetix Dental Care, we reckon that a healthy mouth demands daily dental care. You can be sure of knowing that our staff is firm to delivering you with the best possible care for your smile. Whether it’s routine cleanings, root canal therapy, or mouthguards, we have everything to support you attain optimal oral health!

Dental Implants

At Aesthetix Dental care, we employ dental implants as a durable, long-term and natural-looking tooth replacement alternative. They can last a lifetime with right care and maintenance. And they’re designed to blend in seamlessly with your other teeth for a wonderful smile that looks absolutely natural. You’re at brink from having a beautiful smile; Book an appointment today at Aesthetix Dental care! We’ll assess if dental implants are suitable for you and provide you all the essential information during your consultation visit.

We Use the Latest Technology

Our Adajan dentists perceive that you want your dental care to be ended as soon and efficiently as possible with minimal interruption to your occupied life. Considering this, we are continually using all the latest advances in dental technology to promise that you will have the top-quality dental care available. We also take emergency appointments at our dental clinic.

Why Choose Aesthetix Dental Care

At Aesthetix Dental Care, we’re passionate to delivering the best dental care in Adajan. We tender a vast range of services, including general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and orthodontics. Our staff is keen to giving you the first-class treatment that will leave your smile looking its utmost best!

You will feel better by knowing that our dentists are highly competent professionals who take pride in their work and pay attention to each patient’s individual needs. The result is a customized treatment plan made just for you! We also provide sedation dentistry if required.