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About Teeth Whitening

White teeth are the indicator of a healthy and pretty smile. Teeth can happen to be yellowed because of various factors like beverages and foods we eat. A whiter, brighter smile will not difficult to gain with the in-office teeth whitening treatments we offer at Aesthetix Dental care. The professional teeth whitening treatment we give use clinical-strength peroxide-based gels to attain notable improvement in a short period of time. If you are interested in getting tooth whitening treatment then we can give the results you wish, contact our office to arrange a consultation with our accomplished cosmetic dentists.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening:

Our In-office teeth whitening treatments are speedy and pleasant, which can remove years of stains and discoloration. This treatment of smile improvement typically produces significant outcomes, which can be simply maintained with proper cleanliness and stay away from staining substances. The teeth whitening treatments we give can be used to whiten teeth over a series of days to gain fast consequence, or as-required enhancing the brightness of your smile.

The Teeth Whitening Procedure:

To start the in-office teeth whitening treatment, your teeth will be cleaned to abolish any debris that could produce uneven outcomes. A protective barrier is later imposed to the gums. Afterwards, the whitening solution is applied to your teeth and activated by a chairside-whitening lamp. This procedure can be performing four times to attain better results. In order to record your progress, your dentist will compare the new shade of your teeth with the original color recorded before the procedure started. Many patients can gain up to an 8-shade improvement throughout one sitting.

If you want to manage your whitening treatments at home, your dentist can design custom-fitted whitening trays to utilize with a professional powerful whitening gel. The gel is applied with inside of the tray and put over the teeth. The trays can be worn whenever you select for the suggested period of time. At-home treatments can be continuous until you reach the wished level of whiteness.

In some situations, teeth whitening can be mixed with other cosmetic dentistry treatments to shade-match natural teeth with new restorations, or gain a full smile amendment.

Patients for Teeth Whitening:

Persons for teeth whitening can include those who have better dental health and wanting a whiter smile. Before suggesting whitening, your dentist will inspect your teeth for decay and examine whether your tooth discoloration will acknowledge well to whitening. If you have severe stains that cannot be bleached, your dentist may suggest other cosmetic procedure, like placement of porcelain veneers to get the whiter smile you wish.