Significance of Dental Exams & Cleanings

Great oral hygiene influences not just your smile but also your overall health. There are many medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and stroke that can be influences by oral hygiene. Regular dental exams are essential for maintaining healthy teeth and gums. There are plenty of benefits regular cleanings and exams such as examining for tooth decay, examining for gum disease, stoppage of tooth loss, whitening your smile, identifying oral cancers, maintaining your overall health etc.

What is Included in Dental Cleaning & Exam at Aesthetix Dental Care?

Regular dental exams and cleanings permit us to examine and detect any issues soon and offer effective treatment for dental and oral health issues in initial stages. Regular oral exams are important to maintaining your overall health. Our dentist or dental hygienist will completely clean your teeth, and assesses oral health at the time of routine dental exam at our dental clinic. During this time, examine for cavities and gum disease will be carry out. An exam of the face and neck is carrying out to discover any problems of jaw, tongue, face, neck and mouth. Various digital X-rays and other tests may be conducted to assess your current teeth, bite, and jaw, along with oral health. Our dentist may talk over your diet and exercise routine and your oral hygiene habits, and talk with you regarding how to improve oral health. If require, our dentist will suggest to change lifestyle to aid you maintain healthy teeth and gums.

What happens if you ignore your Routine Dentist Appointment?

If you overlook routine dentist visits, it can influence your overall health considerably. By detecting cavities early, your dentist can treat these problems to avoid the need of invasive root canal treatment. If it is not treated, cavities can results in tooth decay and loss of tooth. Many oral diseases, including oral cancers, respond best when treated early. Having a trained dental professional in Aesthetix Dental Care perform routine cleanings and exams is the best way to determine if you have any health issues which need to be addressed.

Plaque, Tartar, and Gum Disease

There are bacteria that reside in your mouth and can cause plaque, tartar, and gum disease. These bacteria not only affect your overall health but also your breath and appearance of your smile. Restraining these bacteria with the help of dentist is vital for your overall health.