The significance of Oral Cancer Screening during Dental Exams

Your dentist can assist you attain and maintain ideal level of oral during general dental appointments, but did you aware these preventive dentistry exams may also secure your life? As per the Oral Cancer Foundation, more frequent screenings are the best approach to alleviate number of death associated with oral cancer. Oral cancer screenings are so rapid and pain-free. Here, we will examine some of the reasons why regular oral cancer screenings are so necessary to maintain your health.

What Happens During an Oral Cancer Screening?

A dentist will precisely check your face, head, neck, mouth, and throat for the indication of the disease during oral cancer screenings. We will questions you to find out whether you are facing invisible signs of oral cancer. The whole process is finished in only few minutes, and it is entirely pain free. Some of the symptoms that we try to find out during oral screenings includes Lumps or bumps in soft tissue, Swelling or hardening in the lymph nodes, Discoloration of soft tissue, Changes in the texture of soft tissues, Sore throat or hoarse voice etc.

Do I require oral cancer screening if i am not consuming tobacco?

Yes. While tobacco use is one of the primary risk elements for oral cancer, it is not the just one. About 25% of those diagnosed with oral cancer each year do not engage in any of the high risk behaviours associated with this deadly disease. We will talk over the elements that may augment the risk and aid you find out whether or not you are likely to be suffering from oral cancer.

Meet the Aesthetix Dental Team

At Aesthetix Dental Care, we aid our patients stay healthy. We will evaluate your smile for the indication of oral and overall health concerns during twice a year dental checkups. These regular appointments incorporate thorough oral cancer screenings. If you need to find out more or schedule an appointment, call our Aesthetix Dental Care team today.  We’ll be delight to answer questions over the phone, and we look forward to assisting you fulfill all of your health care goals.